Most often, domestic litigation issues can be exhausting and frustrating, which is why we are especially sensitive and attentive to these cases to make the process more bearable for our clients. Having the right advocate on your side makes all the difference with these proceedings and we are just that for our clients – a knowledgeable resource and advocate.  We will employ the right techniques and offer our breadth of experience in state law to minimize the emotional stress that family issues can bring.

A peaceful and mutually agreed upon solution is ideal but, unfortunately, that is not always how things progress, and so we are willing to fight for our clients, providing them the best outcome possible. Attorneys within our firm work on a variety of domestic matters relating to marriage and children including representation in drafting separation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, contest of divorce proceedings, adoption, child custody, paternity and child support disputes. These issues are personal, emotional, serious and require the care of experienced professionals.

From bench trials to jury trial to appellate advocacy in front of the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Nebraska Supreme Court, our attorneys have a reputation for zealous and fair advocacy on behalf of our clients, resulting in out-of-the-box thinking that resolves issues in unique ways. When needed, our attorneys are often in court daily and so can provide the experience needed to achieve our client’s desired results.


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